Thirty-six seniors competed in the Chili Days Shuffleboard Tournament at the Almonte Arena on Tuesday,Feb.19,2013 . Each team played five games with winners in 3 pools playing off. The Chili Days Shuffleboard trophy,in use since the 1980’s, was won by Helen Johnston and Marian Fitzgibbon. The District 7A Seniors Association served a delicious lunch  and the arena staff had all the equipment ready to go at 8 am complete  with coffee and donuts delivered by Calvin Murphy.

left to right: Trophy winners Helen Johnston & Marian Fitzgibbon
Runnersup -Jean Smith,Al Lunney and Elizabeth Vaughn join the winners.[missing] Lorna McNabb
Convenor Marilyn Snedden thanks everyone who volunteered to keep score and referee when needed and to Jeri Lunney’s whose help in setting up the tricky schedule was crucial.Everyone seemed to enjoy the day.