Karen Hirst

Over this past summer, those of us living in the town of Almonte have gotten used to taking a detour and thus avoiding the two construction sites for the bridges being repaired: safe passages across the mighty Mississippi River.

Following the local municipal election yesterday, we again find ourselves in need of bridge construction. However, this time, taking a detour and bypassing the effort of repair and reconstruction is not what is required.

Instead, what is needed, is an all-out concerted effort by all citizens to join the construction team of our new Mayor Christa Lowry, Deputy Mayor John Levi, and the five Councillors, John Dalgity, Jan Mayden, Denny Ferguson, Cynthia Guerard and Bev Holmes.

Along with the dedicated hard working municipal staff, we are collectively called upon to don our hard hats and participate in whatever way we can to build this new bridge and with continued due diligence, ensure its maintenance and high standard of functionality.

A bridge that builds on a firm foundation of common purpose — to unite and not divide.

A bridge that allows for differences in perspective and the free movement back and forth along a broad spectrum of opinions whilst all the while striving for coherence. One that debate and controversy does not weaken but informs and enlightens, leaving in its wake, strength and endurance. One that accommodates the changing needs of its users and with the confidence of safety and security transports all its citizens well into the future without having inflicted harm or loss upon the heart and soul of its builders.

A challenge … undeniably, yes.

Impossible … no.

Help wanted … immediately.