Shaun McLaughlin

by Shaun McLaughlin

Council will hold a public meeting tonight starting after 6 PM to reveal the MM general budget and the water & sewer budget.

 Depending on your home’s MPAC assessment, you may pay less tax in 2014 or a bit more. The county has held its budget to the 2013 level and the school board has increase its by a little over 1%. MM has again increased its budget by almost 7% (though that does not mean a 7% tax increase because money is collected via other means and through growth). The combined tax rate for the town, county and school board actually drops for 2014, but due to MPAC’s assessment increase the average tax increase is 3.1%.

 If you cannot make the meeting, I can send a copy of the presentation to anyone who asks. Just email me If you live in Almonte, you may also want to see the water & sewer budget presentation. Due to costs related to the new sewage treatment plant, and water and sewer infrastructure upgrades, the average water bill will increase 7.5% in 2014.

 It ain’t cheap to run a town.