We received this municipal election candidate’s submission today.


Please tell us all about who you are and what you would bring to council as experience.


I am a concerned citizen (with no previous municipal political experience) and have decided to put myself forward as a candidate for Deputy Mayor – to take action and make a difference.

I am 62 years old and I have been a resident of Almonte now for 29 years. I have a long-time interest in politics and civic matters, and especially a keen interest in local politics as it directly impacts our lives on a daily basis. I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for many years. For 20 years my wife and I ran a small herb business and were farmer’s market vendors.  Presently I manage  our stock portfolio. As well, I am a proud steward of our property – a home that was built in the 1800’s. It has been a privilege to maintain and improve this property over the years. My hobby is restoring and driving classic vehicles, VWs in particular. And I am an avid motorcyclist and have toured the Ottawa Valley extensively.

This new council will need experienced leadership.

I will be voting for Paul Watters for Mayor and will be supporting Denzil Ferguson as Councillor for Pakenham – as his overall experience, and input to the COP,  will be invaluable.

Highlights of my platform are as follows:

I am a one-term candidate

I clearly understand that if elected I am a representative of the people, my personal opinion is just that – mine.

Create a collaborative atmosphere in council that is deserving of the town’s moniker – the friendly town

Special interest groups will be encouraged to stand down so that the focus and energy can be spent on urgent issues, e.g. social housing and daycare  –  as the town heals  and once again becomes the friendly town

The Almonte hospital is of vital interest (not a special interest)  – all efforts will be made to assist the hospital in all of its future plans

Transparency in council in all matters is essential, this is paramount

There will be every effort made to improve our relationship with the folks at the  County level, and at Queens Park  – this will be very helpful

I believe in fiscal responsibility  across the board (I am a fiscal conservative)

The public will be asked for more input on the COP (County Official Plan)  we need rural lots, this issue will be revisited

I want those families willing to invest in our community, to have that opportunity

It is my goal to work hard locally and at County level, and  give the people of Mississippi Mills  fair representation, and to make my term in office transformative in a positive way

Dieter King