by Brent Eades

I bought a camera drone recently — that was inevitable given my interest in photography. After a few days learning how to use it I took it to the Mill of Kintail this morning and snapped a few photos of the changing leaves.

The drone is a tiny thing, about the dimensions of a hardback book, and I’m amazed at how much technical sophistication is crammed into such a small space. (It’s a DJI Spark, for those interested in such things.)

One limitation of this new breed of consumer drone is Transport Canada’s interim rules for flying them. In particular, users have to stay a safe distance from airports and also heliports, such as that used by Almonte General Hospital for the air ambulance.

That makes perfect sense of course, though it does limit aerial views of most towns in the area. The Mill of Kintail is outside those limits, as are many other scenic parts of Lanark County.

Drones also have to be kept a safe distance from people on the ground and from buildings. Again, common sense.

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