Jill McCubbin2by Councillor Jill McCubbin

Two sources of Ontario East information came to my attention recently.

The first was the well-researched article, Pipe Dream?, by Almonte resident, Neil Carleton. The article was published in the Millstone on 6 January 2015 – click here to read it.

Neil tackled tough questions about Energy East. Question like:

  • What do we know about the 40 year-old natural gas pipeline that’s to be converted for carrying crude oil?
  • What about leak detection technology?
  • What federal laws will protect us?
  • Why is there opposition to the proposed Energy East pipeline?

The second came in my Mississippi Mills Councillor’s mail slot – also early in January. Energy East spent approx. $5 in postage to send me the mass of promotional propaganda pictured below. I imagine Energy East posted the same to every Councillor across Ontario, possibly right across Canada, as I saw that all Miss Mills Councillors received this package.

Energy East marketing material

Please click here to read what the Council of Canadians says about Energy East. And here is the TransCanada Energy East site with its facts (well, you decide).

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is also jumping into the fray. For more information on the OEB Energy East Consultation and Review, including the First Nation and Métis meetings, the stakeholder forum and written submissions, visit www.ontarioenergyboard.ca/oebenergyeast This article, Local Opposition to Energy East pipeline mounting, has a local angle and lists two regional mayors as opposed to the pipeline.

If the Energy East project goes forward, it will run through one agricultural corner of Mississippi Mills, in Pakenham Ward, and near the Mississippi River. Energy East is a national, provincial and local issue. (And remember Neil Carleton’s Millstone article is here.)