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New accessible half-court playground at the Mill of Kintail



The Mill of Kintail was happy to host Beverly, Ann and Jim Naismith, only remaining grandson of Dr. James Naismith during their recent visit to the Almonte area. The Naismiths, who made the trip from Corpus Christi, Texas, were accompanied by Michael Zorgy, Associate Professor of Religious and Indigenous Studies at the University of Kansas. Dr. Zogry is currently writing a book about the life and times of James Naismith. It was Jim Naismith’s suggestion that Dr. Zorgy include a trip to Canada to visit the hometown of his granddad, the inventor of basketball, to learn more about the rural roots of Dr. Naismith’s life. At the same time, the Naismith family was pleased to unveil a new outdoor children’s basketball court at the Mill of Kintail.

A generous donation from the Naismith family provided the funding to build a basketball half-court, complete with an accessible, adjustable hoop that can be lowered to 5 feet. As well, the out-dated wooden play structure at the Mill of Kintail will be replaced with new play equipment over the summer. “With this children’s playground and basketball court, we hope to honour, in our own way, the ideals of Dr. James Naismith” says museum curator Stephanie Kolsters. “Naismith’s convictions about healthy living and fitness match well with the offerings here at the Mill of Kintail and we thank the Naismith family for their kind and generous donation.” The new playground will provide opportunities for visitors to become physically active in the natural, outdoor setting that is valued by so many at the Mill of Kintail. The Mill of Kintail is home to the Dr. James Naismith Collection and the R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Museum.

Jim, Beverly and Ann Naismith June 2015

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