In the role of Mayor, Paul will bring strong leadership, open communication and accountability. He will continue to put people and our Municipality of Mississippi Mills first, in a visible and approachable manner.

Paul has served on council in Mississippi Mills, as a councillor for Ramsay Ward since 2010. After two terms, Paul has the knowledge and experience to successfully lead our community.

Paul prides himself on not just serving on a committee but using his position to bring about change to benefit our community. In his role as councillor for Ramsay Ward, Paul recognized a need for safe active rural transportation for youth. Noticing that the only means to commute from Greystone was to travel along March Road, Paul initiated a plan for a safer alternative. He led the project to the final resolution and we now have a path that is enjoyed by the whole community.

One of the major issues in our community is a lack of broadband service. Paul was invited to join MM2020 in its initial stages. He brought and continues to bring his many years of experience as a Bell engineer to this project. Paul personally sent letters to the outlying areas of our municipality to determine the scope of the problem and to open an active line of communication with residents. This allowed MM2020 to highlight the areas of concern. Two of MM2020’s early achievements were bringing fibre to the homes of Almonte and Appleton. Paul continues working with Clayton, Pakenham and their surrounding areas to bring connectivity to all. The success of this project will set a positive example for all of Lanark County.

Paul credits his drive and strong sense of community to his parents and his upbringing. His father, a retired WWII veteran, helped establish Legion Branch 616 West Carleton and his mother was awarded the Order of Canada for outstanding work within the community. Following in the footsteps of his parents, Paul has been actively involved in a variety of community organizations in the roles of leader, educator and volunteer.

Paul is determined to see the community grow and develop, while always staying true to our values, and encourages open dialogue between all interested parties within Mississippi Mills.

Paul understands the importance of listening and has made this a cornerstone of his life, both professionally and personally. However, listening is only the first step and Paul knows the importance of questioning to gain understanding of the core issues.

While opinions may differ from time to time in relation to the course of action that our municipality takes, we share a common goal, which is to see our community prosper. As someone who has raised children and grandchildren here and has formed deep connection throughout the Municipality, Paul will always be working towards achieving this goal.

Paul Watters for Mayor