Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Councillors' ForumRecycling and garbage pickup to improve significantly

Recycling and garbage pickup to improve significantly

by Shaun McLaughlin

First published in Shaun on Council

Recycling and garbage pickup is about to change significantly in Mississippi Mills. Beginning in June, the blue box pickup will accept a wider range of materials. Also, you will no longer need a tag for the first bag of garbage.

Staring June 1, you can put all hard-plastic food containers, except Styrofoam, in your blue box. You can also add gabled cardboard containers (e.g. milk or juice cartons), tetra packs (i.e. multi-material beverage containers), and spiral containers. The latter have metal ends and spiral paper sides, and typically contain frozen orange juice or nuts.

Starting June 1, everyone is allowed to put one bag or container of garbage out each week (up to 15 kilograms) without a garbage tag. You will be allowed two bags without tags on the three weeks following Christmas because the town recognizes the seasonal flux of waste. You will need a tag for a second or subsequent bag or container of garbage. Buy extra tags for $2 each or use any surplus you have. (The town has already distributed tags this year to ease the transition.)

The change in the tag policy will encourage use of the extended recycling plan and also save $4500 annually in the cost of printing and distributing tags.





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