by Noreen Young

Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir (2)A heartfelt thanks to the Almonte United Church organizers who worked so hard to bring the TORONTO WELSH MALE VOICE CHOIR to Almonte to perform for us this evening. The church was packed to the rafters with enthusiastic choral music lovers and filled with the stirring vocal harmonies of this magnificent men’s choir. A special tip of the hat to their conductor and their impressive piano accompanist – also to their MC who should have a spot on “Just for Laughs”.

From many traditional Welsh tunes like “Men of Harlech” to Canadian iconic pieces like “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and Cape Breton’s “We Rise Again”, the choir held the audience in thrall. It was a thrilling performance and wonderful to enjoy it with so many others in the audience!

Twice during the program, the choir sat back to let special soloists singer Kelly Sloan and young fiddler Danny Albert take to the stage together. Kelly and Danny joined forces to perform some of Kelly’s own songs, a McGarrigle sisters song “Heart Like a Wheel”, and a hauntingly beautiful traditional Irish air, “My Lagan Love” which brought tears to my eyes. Both these Almonte musicians are truly exceptional and so completely relaxed on stage. They are naturals. Kelly’s beautiful voice dips and soars and when Danny plays, his violin becomes a part of his body. They both make us very proud.

Thanks again to Almonte United Church for presenting such an enjoyable evening!!