Dear Editor:

I prefer to address Council business at the Council table but feel obligated to respond to published statements in the Millstone by Councillor Edwards (March 6) and Councillor McLaughlin (February 22). First let me say I don’t need either of them misrepresenting my views to the public as I am quite capable of speaking for myself. One example, that “the Mayor is in favour of estate lots” is totally false. I don’t like that they are illegal. I would prefer that they be stringently controlled. I am available any time and always glad to talk to or converse via e-mail with anyone on the COP or any other subject. I have had a lot of inquiries about the lack of available rural lots for family, friends or to sell and assist with retirement as not many long time rural residents have fat government pensions. I, along with a large number of other Councillors, don’t accept Councillors Edwards, McLaughlin and Wilkinson’s assumption that they are the only qualified Councillors on this subject. All Councillors are elected to represent their residents and each Councillor has one equal vote. The democratic way, last time I looked, if a motion is passed 8-3, the item is passed with a majority vote of Council, thus residents want some change. I will be bringing forward a proposal that we keep it simple this time around. I will be proposing the only change we make this time is change the date from 1973 to amalgamation date, 1998 and all other rules remain.

Currently we are told we have potential of 699 lots with the average of about 18 lots per year being created, but declining. If we change the date and end up with potential of 1300 more at the same rate of creation of 2.2%, this would add 28/year, giving a total of 46/year. There might be a small bubble because of pent up demand. Results will be looked at in 2016. This is not a catastrophic change, just a tweak, as we need about 30 to 40 per year to meet rural growth targets. I will also propose that we properly prepare for a full review in 2016; our tenth year. The PPS says we should review every 5 years despite what Councillor Edwards thinks. The COP has other areas that need to be vetted and can be done then. Let’s get on with it!

John Levi
Mayor, Town of Mississippi Mills