by Bob Farmer
Almonte Curling Club-Trillium-photo-Dec132014
left to right: Jack MacLaren, MPP- Carleton Mississippi Mills,Louise Heslop, Ontario Trillium Foundation,Bob Farmer, President – Almonte Curling Club,Art McKay, Ice Manager – Almonte Curling Club. Mr. MacLaren and Ms. Heslop are presenting the plaque in commemoration of the Trillium Grant awarded to the Almonte Curling Club.

Almonte Curling ClubThe Almonte Curling Club has been awarded a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario. The $33,500 grant is being used to purchase 64 new granite curling stones for the four-sheet curling club.

On Saturday night, Jack MacLaren (MPP – Carleton Mississippi Mills) and Louise Heslop of the Trillium Foundation, announced the award to the surprised and very appreciative ACC members who had been attending an annual bonspiel/dinner event that day.

Over decades of use curling stones wear down so that, even with refurbishment, they no longer behave in a crisp or predictable fashion. “These new rocks will enhance the playing experience for beginners to the game and for those much more experienced players” said Art McKay, ACC ice-manager and prime-mover behind the grant application.

“We are very grateful to Trillium”, said Bob Farmer, ACC President. “This grant starts us on a new and exciting chapter of our long history.” The ACC is one of Canada’s oldest curling rinks, and it will be celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2015.

The ACC has members of all ages, from pre-teens to octogenarians. Though its membership is only about 200, over 1000 people use its curling facilities each year, including elementary and high-school students who are introduced to the game through the ACC’s school program.