Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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SportsDistrict 7A  Summer Senior Games

District 7A  Summer Senior Games

by Marilyn Snedden



The summer games for District 7A(North Lanark) Senior Games were held in May and June with almost 100 players participating in 16 events ranging from cribbage to bocce and lawn bowling. Many played in some sports for the first time so that achieved one of the goals in having a yearly membership that allows one to play in many events.

bocce gold medals are Evelyn Neil and Ben Burger with convenor  Richard Fitzgibbon.
bocce gold medals are Evelyn Neil and Ben Burger with convenor
Richard Fitzgibbon.

Next comes the task of sorting out who can compete in August 12 at the Regional Games in Kingston since you are only allowed to compete in 1 event and some people won several gold medals. Winners will be contacted by the original convenors to pick their choice. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the convenors and volunteers who worked so hard.

We are also grateful to Patti Guidmon and Watersides who provided lunch at 2 events at the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club.

lawn bowling gold 2015
Lawn Bowlers gold medal winners Shirley Gamble and Cecil Dubois.

The Annual Meeting and banquet was held on June 24 at the Carleton Place Legion  where Jessica Smith of the Carleton Place Recreational Center gave an inspiring speech to the seniors gathered there. It was especially good to have a full slate of officers with many new faces so this bodes well for the future.

Final results


  • Gold – Nick Odynski & Ray Veilleux
  • Silver – Diana Davies & Debby Hayes
  • Bronze – Denyse Brisebois & Darlene Arthurs


  • Mens Gold – Richard Fitzgibbon & Bill Hanna
  • Silver –  Jim Birtch & Bernie Duffen
  • Bronze = Guy Chaput & Ken Hastie
  • Women’s Gold – Jackie Cowlin & Ann Ecker
  • Silver – Marian Fitzgibbon & Jean Smith
  • Bronze – Denyse Brisebois & Jane Thompson


  • Gold – Barry & Carole Pascoe
  • Silver -Don & Ann Ecker
  • Bronze -Richard & Marian Fitzgibbon

Contract Bridge

  • Gold -Al & Jeri Lunney
  • Silver – Barry Pascoe & Donna Bennett

Five Pin Bowling

  • Gold – John Lapensee, Don Stanzel ,Guy Chaput, Mike Sears, Ken Brown
  • Silver -Denyse Brisebois, Patricia Brownlee, Ivor Morris, June Ferguson, Brian Truelove
  • Bronze – Jean Lay, Hanna Watzlawik, Alice Turton, Dorothy Stevens, Elin Jensen


  • Gold – Ben Burger & Evelyn Neil
  • Silver – Ann Ecker & Jackie Cowlin
  • Bronze – Guy Chaput & Ken Brown

Golf Women’s

  • Gold – Nancy Cameron
  • Silver -Dianne Rintoul
  • Bronze – June Ferguson

Women’s Calloway

  • Gold Peggy Birtch
  • Silver – Betty Tysick
  • Bronze –  Eileen Healey

Men’s 0-18

  • Gold –  Cecil Dubois
  • Silver – Alan Steele
  • Bronze – Richard Needham

Men’s 18-30

  • Gold – Ivor Morris

Men’s Calloway

  • Gold – Jim Birtch
  • Silver – Bliss Buchanan
  • Bronze – Ken Hastie

Lawn Bowling

  • Gold – Shirley Gamble & Cecil Dubois
  • Silver – Ken Brown & Elin Jensen
  • Bronze –  Dave & Pat Cave


  • Gold –  Denyse Brisebois & Ivor Morris
  • Silver – Barry & Carole Pascoe
  • Bronze –  Shirley Gamble & Elin Jensen

Swimming Men’s

  • Gold-John Coderre

Women’s Predicted

  • Winona Duffen




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