John LeviIn a response to the the letter from Ted and Jennie Legg below, Mayor John Levi clarified his attitude to the Enerdu controversy.

Ted and Jennie Legg’s letter

Dear Mr. Mayor and Councillors,

If the article in today’s Millstone is indeed correct concerning the Town’s ability to pass a Heritage District Study (delaying construction) By-Law, may we please ask that this be seriously considered – and, if indeed applicable, passed.

We would also like this By-Law to be passed sooner rather than later – in other words, before the next Municipal election – and certainly before construction starts.

Thanks for listening – and acting.

Happy Canada Day.

Ted and Jennie Legg

Mayor Levi’s response

There is  [sic] not enough hrs in a day to chase after ever Enerdu “” if “” in the millstone. We have many other important issues to deal with also.   Enerdu will run its coarse  [sic] and I feel bad that a group of special interest people are spending so much energy on this issue. They could use there (sic) energy in much more constructive uses like supporting all the achievements accomplished in Mississippi Mills in the last 31/2 yrs.

Editor’s note: We can’t think of any other “if’s” that we have published.