Saturday, May 28, 2022


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Diana’s Quiz — May 28 2022

QUESTIONS 1.  In which shipyard was the HMS...

STEM & VR summer camps at the Library

Exciting STEM & VR Summer Camps at...

Multi-Household Garage Sale, May 29

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SportsSenior wins gold at the OSGA +55 Summer Games

Senior wins gold at the OSGA +55 Summer Games

Twenty -six seniors from North Lanark (District 7) traveled to Mississauga on the weekend of August 10, 2018 to compete in the Summer Games for Ontario Seniors held every second year. In 2020 the games will be in Peterborough.

On the off years Regional Games are held and so next year our small district hosts all of Eastern Ontario on August 15. David Cave is our chairman for this and will be holding monthly meetings to plan the big day. There were some glitches in Mississauga so we asked participants to give him ideas of what worked and what could be improved. Many volunteers will be needed so please say yes if you’re asked.

The locals competed in Golf, 5 Pin Bowling, Cribbage, Euchre, Bid Euchre, Shuffleboard and Pickleball. There were over 1000 players housed in a dozen hotels with shuttle buses to move them to venues-a tremendous challenge, so no wonder there were a few hitches. The Opening Ceremonies were held in a huge open square so it was fortunate there was good weather all weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the former mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, who started out her speech asking how many there were over 100, then 99 and then 98. When no one answered, she said ”You’re only a bunch of kids!” It turns out she is 97 and co-chaired this huge event. She’s quite an inspiration-lead a congo line dance the next night. She serves on many boards and is a driving force behind women’s hockey. She says “If I slow down, I’ll get old.”

Our only medal winner was Guy Chaput who won in the 5 Pin Bowling – Men over 65, singles. We had to hold our bus home an extra half hour for the men so it was very nice that he won a medal.

Winners or losers, we had a good time and will try to keep taking Hazel’s advice.




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