Saturday, May 21, 2022


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Laurie Ladouceur — obituary

Ladouceur, Laurie (Known for her home-cooked meals and for...

Amonte United seeks volunteer to record services

Almonte United Church is searching for someone...
MillstoneWe're back, I hope

We’re back, I hope

Readers may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet around the Millstone for the past four days. That’s because the Montreal company that hosts our website had a technical catastrophe, one that resulted in numerous of its customers’ websites being completely obliterated.

We were luckier — they were able to retrieve the Millstone from backups and we’re finally back in business. You can read more about what happened here:

I posted an item last week noting that I was a little behind in getting stuff posted — well, now I’m really behind. Here’s hoping that the site remains stable and I can get caught up soon.




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